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multiget 2.0 preview for Linux has released

here is the binary for Ubuntu, 32bit version. just download and check it.

Posted by 永不停机 2010-11-05

multiget 2.0 has announced

Here is just a preview version for windows platform. some functions are still not fullfilled, I wish it will be finished soon, and then release the whole new multiget under linux.

Posted by 永不停机 2010-11-03

v1.2.0 released

Finaly, I try to upload the files to server, it's a hard work for me(or Chinese user?), now you can download the source and binary under ubuntu 7.10

Posted by 永不停机 2007-10-29

v1.2.0 coming soon

the v1.2.0 is finished, but because of the greate firewall of China, I can't put the release files up to here at present, so , you may wait for some days to get the new release.

Posted by 永不停机 2007-10-26

1.1.4 released

as title

Posted by 永不停机 2007-03-07

multiget 1.1.1 released

in this release , multiget covers linux ,windows, freebsd and macos.

Posted by 永不停机 2007-01-13

multiget 1.0 has released!

it stable, fast, try it.

Posted by 永不停机 2006-11-10

The last beta release

beta4 is the last beta before 1.0 released, the program is now stable, runs very well, I sugest you to download and try it out.

I think MultiGet is greate now.

Posted by 永不停机 2006-11-07

beta3 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-11-01

MultiGet beta released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-26

Enter belta1


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-25

0.8.5 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-22

0.8.3 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-16

0.8.2 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-14

0.8.1 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-12

0.8.0 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-08

0.7.8 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-04

0.7.5 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-10-03

0.6.9 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-27

0.6.8 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-26

0.6.5 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-23

0.6.2 released


Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-20

0.6 released

0.6 released

Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-19

0.4.6 released

0.4.6 released

Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-15

0.4.5 released

0.4.5 released

Posted by 永不停机 2006-09-14

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