Uhm.. how to remove mirrors?

Timo Lehto
  • Timo Lehto

    Timo Lehto - 2009-03-13

    I just cant seem to be able to figure this one out. How do I remove mirrors, that I have accidentally added to a task/download? In the task properties I can see the mirrors and I can select them by clicking them, but I cant erase them with backspace nor delete button. There seems to be no graphical interface components/buttons through which I could achieve my goal. Also left mouse button doesn't bring up any kind of menu where one could choose an action. If one can't do anything to those mirrors, why is it even possible to select them?! Why even bother to list them?! There must be away... I just can't see it. Help me out guys!

    • Timo Lehto

      Timo Lehto - 2009-03-13

      Great. Now the application crashed 'cos it ran out of space on HD. Why on earth I can't configure where the tmp-files are to be stored and/or why on earth are they not stored where the download is suppose to be stored that is after all where one might expect to have enough space for the download. Instead it assumes that I have space in my home folder for huge tmp-files? Well I don't. Now after the crash the download is gone and it seems, it can not be recovered, though every bit it managed to download is still on the HD.

      Now while I'm at it might say a few things about the UI too:
      1. It is weird, that if I pause a download, it disappears and I have to click to a different view in order to see it again. Why not show all downloads simultaneously and integrate a possibility to sort just paused or what ever if needed. I suppose in most cases, it would be sufficient to show all downloads in one single view and order them firstly by status and secondarily by name or what ever the user wants.
      2. The font colours and background colours can't be changed. There for the screen appears to me with white background and all text with light-grey, effectively making reading any non-selected text virtually impossible.
      3. It is crazy, that you can't resume a task/download, if the application crashes. Isn't that one of the original main reasons, why people came up with an idea of this sort of programs? That, if their computer crashes, the download can still be resumed.

      But, despite all the problems I encountered, I still must say, it is pretty neat application. It did the one thing I chose it for better than many others. It actually speeded up the downloads using multiple mirrors simultaneously. Sadly, the development seems to be in a halt. Maybe this will become something usable some day. Good luck with that.

      P.S. Sorry about posting the original post on wrong forum section. And I managed to resume the download by doing exactly what I did to originally initiate it. Which is sort of lame too because I had to add all the mirrors to it again. Though not nearly as lame as not being able to resume at all. After all I was almost done. It is also rather unintuitive, for one might expect that sort of action to result in overwriting the old download.


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