Excellent but tray icon difficult to use

  • xanthon

    xanthon - 2007-02-15

    Greetings.  Thank you for such excellent software.

    It is very difficult to find the right spot on the system tray icon to exercise commands or restore the window.  The icon needs to be larger and the whole area of the icon needs to be sensitive.

    • xanthon

      xanthon - 2007-02-26

      I have decided to stop using MultiGet.  It's a shame.

      You have to rely on getting a menu from the system tray icon.  It's just too difficult.  I have had to kill the process instead of quitting and my .MultiGet folder got corrupted as a result.

      I've started with a new folder but now there is no icon to which I can drag a download link.  It I move the window to another workspace or, if I even use another workspace, the window disappears and I have to rely on the system tray icon.

      I don't understand why, when the system tray icon is so important, you have made it almost impossible to use.  I'm going to have to go back to using KGet which I really dislike.

      I will check the software now and again to see whether it has become more useable.

    • 永不停机

      永不停机 - 2007-02-26

      systry icon is different from each window managers. so it's hard to make all works ok. multiget is mostly tested in ubuntu with gnome. so if you don't use it. I am not sure it will work well.

      in fact, linux's systray isn't mature as windows. it's depends on what window manager you use. so it's really a problem.

      • xanthon

        xanthon - 2007-02-26

        Thank you for the reply.  I hope I never have to use Ubuntu.

        The window manager is Xfce.  Kde applications use the system tray without a problem.  I have 4 of them sitting there now, including KGet.

        The icon is a short horizontal line.  That is not a problem in itself; it is just so difficult to find a spot which produces the drop-down menu.  With all other icons, I right-click to use the menu without any difficulty.

        I hope you can continue to make progress and that you get good support for  MultiGet.


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