Looks nothing like it does on website

  • Hutchy

    Hutchy - 2012-02-14

    No matter what PC I use multiget on, it looks nothing like it does on the web site. It does not seem to have all the buttons & looks as on the web site.It seems to only offer to download a new job & has a help button & that seems to be it.& no options.
    Is there a big difference between installing it & using the portable version as I use the portable

  • Aaron W

    Aaron W - 2012-04-20

    It's probably because you're using the 2.0 alpha version; all those screenshots were the 1.x version.  The 2.0 version seems to download quicker and more robustly, but lacks a lot of the UI refinement and controls from version 1.x.  I'm looking for where I can find 1.x, I like 2.0, but sometimes I want the greater degree of control that 1.x offers.  I seem to be able to get it for linux, as the old version is still in the repositories, but not for windows …


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