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Windows build

  • Burov Dmitry

    Burov Dmitry - 2007-02-15

    1. what are changes in last 1.1.3 ?

    2. when expected binary build of 1.1.3, especially Win32 build ?

    3) can win32 builds be packes with 7Zip rather than rar ? &zip is free and gives better compression.


    • Stephan

      Stephan - 2007-05-10


      I have made a few changes to MultiGet 1.1.4, so I could compile ist with VC++8 for Windows. There are a few small problems with different functions like changeing the language. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow. I'll send my changes to the project admin, maybe they want to add Windows aggain.


    • Jo

      Jo - 2007-05-28

      I used Dev-C++ with wxwidgets devpaks to compile it without errors and warnings for Windows. My problem is: I don't no where the language file is - to translate it. I want to know this because the words in unicode aren't correct displayed. I have wxwidgets with unicode, but if I set in linker options -lwxmsw26u instead of -lwxmsw26 I got errors.
      Can anyone help me? Where are the files of your translation?


      • Stephan

        Stephan - 2007-08-03

        Hi Jordan!

        You can find the translations in linux_str.txt.


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