Ant Bryan - 2007-07-08

Has anyone here tried wxDownload Fast? It's another cross platform wxwidgets based download manager. Here are some of the features:

    *  Faster downloads (with Segmented/Multi-threaded/Accelerated transfers)
    * Download resuming (Pause and restart where you stopped)
    * Download scheduling
    * Organizes files you have already downloaded
    * View server messages (HTTP, FTP, file://). No HTTPS support.
    * Available in multiple languages and easily translated. Now available in Portuguese [Brazil], Spanish, English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Armenian, Indonesian and Dutch
    * Connection to HTTP/FTP servers which require a password
    * Calculates the MD5/SHA1 checksum of downloaded files so they can be easily verified
    * Metalink support
    * Firefox integration through FlashGot
    * Can be used as a portable download manager (Windows only)
    * Can be used over proxy servers(HTTP proxy support)

I'm wondering if the 2 projects could join forces since they both use wxwidgets. The metalink support is really handy, it's used by many Linux/BSD distros and, you can do things like add multiple files to a queue, have checksums automatically verified, and other stuff. It's also quite popular. Maybe the metalink and other code could be shared?

Drawbacks would be no Chinese language support like MultiGet, and the Mac OS X port is not very usable. Maybe someone could provide a Chinese translation for wxDF?