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  • alexander

    alexander - 2007-12-02

    Whenever I copy a link (for example jpg) Popup dialog appears.

    I like MultiGet download links (for example jpg) automatic
    without Popup dialog appears each time.

    • 永不停机

      永不停机 - 2007-12-03

      I don't want tell you how to use multiget.

    • alexander

      alexander - 2007-12-04

      Misunderstanding problem?
      Under Option > Settings
      I have a "default save path" and under Clipboard Monitor I have
      (x) Capture Extentions: .jpg;.png

      So when I copy a link for example
      in Clipboard Popup dialog appears and I must click ok.
      Better is MultiGet download automatic without Popup dialog

      Its only suggestion to make MultiGet better

    • 永不停机

      永不停机 - 2007-12-04

      sorry, misunderstand your problem.

      somebody want check the download and some not, so it's always pop up at present.

    • alexander

      alexander - 2007-12-12

      I hope you integrate in preferences "(x) No Popup appears" in Multiget 1.25


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