tetdit - 2007-10-14

MultiGet is an excellent and useful tool for linux users, especially for FlashGet users if they want to switch to linux. I have already tried some X-graphic downloaders but finally I decide to stick with this boy. MultiGet is working perfectly on Debian (Etch) so far. It will be greater if you consider adding some advanced functions. Here are some of my comments, please correct me if I get wrong.

It will be more convenient if there is an option such that users can save the username/password as default. So, say, if I want to download multiple files from a website that requires username/password, or even from different websites but I use the same username/password, I will not have to set the login information for each file.

The second thing is that it will be more perfect if there is a clipboard handler for multiple files. For example, when users mark a range of files then copy, MultiGet will popup a handler such that they can select which files to be queued as well as set some common things for those selected files such as login information.

Thank you,