Compiling on Gentoo

  • Mateus Justino

    Mateus Justino - 2007-01-06

    When I attempted to compile on Gentoo, I received the message that wx-config was not a known executable.
    In order to compile on Gentoo, it is necessary to change the makefile for the 2 wx-config references to be replaced by wx-config-2.6.

    This problem may occur on other distributions.

    MultGet version: 1.1
    wxGTK version: wxGTK-

    • 永不停机

      永不停机 - 2007-01-07

      make a soft link wx-config like ln -s /path/wx-config-x.x /path/wx-config

    • VirusCamp

      VirusCamp - 2007-01-28

      I think that there is something wrong with your wxGTK .

      In my gentoo :
      wxGTK version: wxGTK-
      /usr/bin/wx-config -> /usr/lib/wx/config/gtk2-unicode-release-2.6
      the link was made by wxGTK ebuild .

    • 永不停机

      永不停机 - 2007-01-28

      well, I don't know what's the reason.
      if have trouble ,then change the makefile or ln -s wx-config-2.6 wx-config. different distro always have some difference. but the makefile really works  fine in many distros.


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