#6 No flashgot in Help->Visit Website = firefox


Sorry for weird summary of this bug report, but I couldn't find another way to include all keywords in the limited no. of characters allowed.

Downloaded binary of Multiget has been working perfectly on my OpenSUSE running KDE (I use Firefox as a browser) for several days now. Today, I opened Multiget's Help menu and clicked on "Visit Website" menu item. Please note that Firefox was not already running when I clicked on "Visit Website". As expected, clicking on "Visit Website" opened up Multiget's website in Firefox. I started my usual surfing using the same Firefox window. But when I tried to download a file using Flashgot extension, Multiget froze. I used pstree command with -p option with the intent of finding out Multiget's process no. and then killing it. The output I got is as below:

$pstree -p grep -i multiget

It seems to me that Multiget called Firefox which in turn has called Multiget again. On a hunch, I closed the Firefox browser instead of killing Multiget. Multiget now instantly responded with a new task window containing the URL I had tried to download with Flashgot.

Looks like we cannot use Flashgot extension to download something with Multiget if the Firefox window you are currently surfing from was created by Help->Visit Website from Multiget's menu. Is there any way to fix this? I'll be happy to provide any other information you need to solve this problem.


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