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Muli3D 0.75 is ready for download

This release comes with four new samples:
Crystal, a recreation of an ATI Radeon 8500 sample.
Mandelbrot, a sample demonstrating the use of pixel shaders to render fractals.
VolumeTexture, which shows the use of volumetric textures.
Plus a raytracer, which has been implemented using vertex- and pixel shaders and would be easy to port to vs3.0/ps3.0 graphics hardware.
For a list have other changes see the changelog.

Posted by Stephan Reiter 2005-02-17

Muli3D 0.7 is available!

The long wait is over: The latest version of Muli3D features a new implementation of the core rasterizer functions, which have been further optimized for performance and readability.
A redesigned clipping stage now supports user clip planes and takes care of scissor testing.
Partial derivatives can be computed in pixel shaders and build the base for cleaner mipmapping code.

Posted by Stephan Reiter 2005-01-11

Muli3D version 0.6 features

Muli3D 0.6 comes with support for volumetextures. The code has received another face-lift: m3dcore has been split up into several smaller files, each one covering a specific class of the library. Textures are now based on surfaces (one per mip-level) + rendering to individual mip-levels other than the first one is now possible.
Some bugs have been fixed and the online reference has been updated.

Posted by Stephan Reiter 2004-09-29

Muli3D 0.5 released!

New samples and code-clean up ...
+ Support for GNU/Linux under the X11 framework :-) Have a look at the change-log and the online-reference for details!

Posted by Stephan Reiter 2004-09-10

Muli3D 0.4 released!

The new version of the software rendering api comes with mip-mapping support and performance-optimizations regarding shader register interpolation. Besides that some functions have been cleaned up and the online-reference has been updated ...

Posted by Stephan Reiter 2004-08-30

New release

Version 0.35 of the Muli3D rendering library has been released. It includes scissor testing and enables pixel shaders to discard/kill pixels. Bugs have been fixed and the library has been further optimized for performance. The Muli3D reference is available at

Posted by Stephan Reiter 2004-08-15

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