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MUIbase V2.7 for Linux, Windows and Amiga

MUIbase V2.7 has been released for Linux, Windows and Amiga. New features since V2.6 are:

o Implemented quick search for user functions popups.

o Merged settings for updating virtual attributes ('On different record'
and 'On dependent change') into one setting 'Auto update'.

o New 'Enabled' setting for attributes and window buttons:
'Always enabled' 'Disabled in initial', and 'Compute enabled'
with optional compute function.

o Changing the active line in a list of a virtual attribute causes
the update of objects depending on the attribute. This allows e.g.
to enable or disable buttons depending on the active list entry.

are now obsolete. When an obsolete functions is called, it can be
ignored silently, a warning can be generated, or an error be reported.

o Command strings for external editor and view can contain '%p' which
is replaced by the name of the public screen MUIbase has been opened
(Amiga only)

o New function for programming: PUBSCREEN which returns the name of the
public screen MUIbase is running on or NIL if the screen is not public.
On Linux and Windows, PUBSCREEN always returns NIL.

o The window dimensions of structure editor, query editor and program
editor are now also remembered on Windows and Linux.

o Improved handling of illegal UTF-8 sequences and codeset conversion errors.

o Several bug fixes.

Steffen Gutmann, 28.12.2008

Posted by Steffen Gutmann 2008-12-28

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