MUIbase V2.1 for Amiga

A new version of MUIbase for m68k AmigaOS has been released. Besides smaller bug fixes, the changes to the previous 2.0 version include:

o Documentation updated to include Linux and Windows versions.

o New imagery including a new image for the start window and a complete PNG icon set. A bee is now the new icon for MUIbase. Thanks to Adrian Maleska, Thomas Fricke and Christoph Poelzl for the artwork.

o Quick search in reference fields.

o Optional Window Id for user-defined windows. This allows to store window positions and sizes in machine local environment settings. Useful, if you are editing projects on different computers.

o Rewrote locking mechanism to support Amiga Envoy networks. Now, locking ensures that only one MUIbase instance can keep a project open while other MUIbase instances on the same or a different computer fail to open the same project.

o Slight improvements to layout of several windows.

o Changed menu shortcuts to be better fit to the "standard".

Steffen Gutmann, 11.11.2006

Posted by Steffen Gutmann 2006-03-05

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