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Maxemum TV-Guide / News: Recent posts

Maxemum TV-Guide v14.0.0 released

MTVG has been completely rewritten in Qt5! It now works with your favourite environment!

Posted by Robert Maxe 2014-06-04 Labels: Qt TV-Guide XMLTV

Maxemum TV-Guide v7.3.2 released

* new translation: Slovak, by Jozef Riha
* new translation: Italian, by Matteo Azzali
* norwegian translation has been improved, by Leif Mathis Gaup
* french translation has been improved, by Starcrasher
* german translation has been improved, by Philipp Matthias Hahn
* episode Title-patch by nhjm449 applied
* bug-fix in parser (MTVG crashed if an icon-tag was located in a programme-tag)

Posted by Robert Maxe 2007-03-04

Maxemum TV-Guide v6.2.18lang released

This release include internationalization, added languages are:
* Swedish
* Norwegian
* German
* French

Posted by Robert Maxe 2006-06-07

Maxemum TV-Guide v6.2.18 released

This release is for all of you people requesting custom channel icons! =) Some minor bugs have been fixed and new users will now be presented with an extract from the README at startup.

Posted by Robert Maxe 2006-02-18

Maxemum TV-Guide v5.10.26 released

This is a release with minor changes, apart from the one big thing - the forum! Every show now has it's own forum! Just right click on a show, select Forum and you're ready to start a debate. A summary of the changes:

* every show now has it's own forum!
* moved preferences tab to separate window
* resizable reminder dialogue when details are shown (request)
* quit button in main window (request)
* performance optimizations (please note that some results in lost custom channel names when upgrading)
* bug fix in parser (tv_grab_de_tvtoday (and possibly other grabbers) works better now)

Posted by Robert Maxe 2005-10-26

Maxemum TV-Guide v5.10.3 released

This release includes mostly user requests. The most important updates and news concerning this release are:

* more new user friendly
* two new views; search view (request) and full view
* time- and column separators (request)
* manual show column width (request)
* custom channel sorting
* doubleclick on show to toggle description
* category filter (request)
* go to next day at defined daystart (request)... read more

Posted by Robert Maxe 2005-10-04

Maxemum TV-Guide v5.9.12 released

In short, the new version includes new xml-tags in descriptions, channel icons with custom size, a new channel renaming system, show blacklisting, automatic checking for new versions of mtvg while updating listings and a bugfix in the reminder system.

Posted by Robert Maxe 2005-09-14

Maxemum TV-Guide v5.8.8 released

This release fixes some bugs in the design and presents a better looking presentation of time and time navigation. It is also now possible to customize your channel names.

Posted by Robert Maxe 2005-08-08

Maxemum TV-Guide v5.7.8 released

In this release the reminder dialogue (alerting the user when a favourite show starts) has been updated. Now there is a progressbar showing how much of the show that has passed. The dialogue auto-closes when the show ends (remaining countdown). And finally it is possible to check out the details of the show - right on the reminder dialogue! =)

Bugfix; the application no longer shuts down if the reminder dialogue is closed, instead of using the "Thanks!"-button.

Posted by Robert Maxe 2005-07-10