drawing a rectangle, must be an easier way

  • J.Jordan

    J.Jordan - 2009-12-28

    The only way I can manage to draw a rectangle in MTPaint is to select an area with the selection tool, then select a color, and then the tool to fill selected becomes available, click that and then press the escape key to deselect, so about 5 steps to draw a rectangle, there has to be an easier way.  What am I missing, can't find any way to add rectangle or oval drawing tools to the toolbar nor can I find any in the menus.  I have read the manual, searched the net and still can't figure this out.


  • wjaguar

    wjaguar - 2009-12-28

    To draw a rectangle, it __has__ to be positioned, and if the current color isn't the color you need, a new color __has__ to be selected - there is no way around that, till mind-reading controllers replace mouse and keyboard. :-)

    And if you need to draw so many rectangles that having to click the "Draw rectangle" toolbar button does make a difference, then you have a problem indeed. Because, see, mtPaint isn't a specialized rectangle-drawing program. ;-) 
    Being a _compact_ image editor is one of mtPaint's features. And if we added a specialized tool for every single task someone happens to be doing, mtPaint would have already become larger than GIMP and Photoshop put together.

  • Annuschka

    Annuschka - 2010-05-17

    I agree partly that drawing rectangles in not very intuitive. But if you get the hang of it it's easy and fast enough.

    The "usual" way to draw rectangles is that you already have a color so you 1. click some "rectangle tool" and 2. click and drag the mouse to set the position, than you 3. click and drag more rectangles or just change the tool and stop rectangling. It's a bit confusing for beginners with mtPaint to first set the position and then choosing the tool, I guess. But one can do a lot of quick rectangles with just altering the old selection and clicking the rectangle button again and altering again and so on. And the biggest advantage is, that this way of drawing rectangles is very precise! I'm fine with it.


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