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Magic Assistant is released.
If you have version please backup your data and update to this release,
since has a critical bug which can cause data loss. You have
to download and install a new version, since update via software won't work
in this version either.

Changes in this releases

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2014-07-02

Magic Assistant 1.2 beta

I published new Magic Assistant 1.2 in file releases but it is not default download yet, I hope somebody can test it for linux and mac. This new release has the following features
updated platform, hoping some mac bugs are fixed with graphics
support for localized cards
quick filter to simplify card lookup
check for updates on starup

To access this release click on Files, then MagicAssistant and look for release
Hoping to have some feedback

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2011-09-15

Magic Assistant is released (2010-11-16)

Updates to loading prices
- Removed separate menu for loading seller's prices, moved to Load Extra fields menu
- Added back MTG Fanatic price provider
- User now have a choice to which price provider to choose (from Window->Preferences)
User have a choice now when loading extra fields to do it from selected cards, filtered cards or all cards in the current view
Added group by Location, Set and Rarity options for all views
Added "Printings" view - it shows all printings of the cards in all sets and art-works (for land).
- It works in two modes - db - shows card in database, and collection - show all instances of a selected card in all collections and decks
- It supports drag & drop - so you can add card into deck/collection from specific set (in db mode)
Changed preferences to separate loading certain fields when clicking on card
Added action to manually sync from web in Card Info and Printings views

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2010-11-18

Magic Assistant is released

  • Fixed persistence of loaded extra fields
  • Added Image checkbox for loading extra fields (for loading images in advance)
  • Minor ui updates in select extra fields dialog
  • Added support for Update for "All" cards
  • Added Update action in the Magic DB view menu
  • Fixed locale bug (startup problem with non english locales)

(Full change log

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2010-10-14

Magic Assistant is released

Magic Assistant is released.
Several new features implemented in MTG card organizer in this release:
added new ability to color filter now you can search for colors exclusively, added "abilities" filter page (advanced text search),
added filter page for user fields (comment, price and count),
added ability to save/load user filters. Magic Card database updated
to include Zendikar set.
Also fixed few bugs including
updating cards total when editing card count and some minor issues in MTG tournament scheduler.

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2009-11-08

Magic Assistant is released

Release includes updates for Magic 2010 core set, as well as several bug fixes and small features: added ability to update sets to include all basic land art, fixed Mythic Rare filter, added proper xml import support

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2009-07-22

Tournament Organizer (beta) is Released!

Version 1.0.6 of Magic Assistant besides regular Deck Builder and Card Navigator, featuring completely new application - MTG Tournament Organizer.
This tool is designed to help with home/unofficial MTG tournaments - it provides several tournament schedulers including round-robin, swiss (stand for MTG tournaments), elimination, random and so on. Also it will keep overall players overall historical score/rank from tournament to tournament.
Access it from Window->Tournament Organizer menu.

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2009-07-08

Magic Assistant is released

Change Log (2009-06-14)
* [2798973] Fixed: Restore Defaults does not work for set filter
* Added "Select All" and "Deselect All" for set filter page
* Updated user doc for editing deck, import, filter and search
* [2798925] Fixed: Search Box in Mac OS X is squashed (too shallow)
* [2537773] Fixed: All card description fields should be selectable
* Added more action buttons in Navigator view toolbar (Export,Import and Add Deck - before available only from context menu)
* Re-ordered fields in new wizards to make it more user friendly
* Fixed status bar and updates for "Draw" view
* Added regexp search in Filter text fields
* [2392880] Can Copy chart images now to clipboard
* Fixed deck import bugs... read more

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2009-06-14

Magic Assistant: is released

Multi-platform RCP application for managing "Magic: The Gathering" cards. Includes Card Browser with advanced sorting and filtering, Library and Decks organizers. Comes with pre-loaded MTG cards database and allows custom updates. See wiki for details. (2009-04-29)

* added Camel case text search feature - allow to search by just typing first letters of the words in the card name such as SOTAg (Shield of the Ages)
* added shortcut to add card to current active deck (+), same to increase card count in the current deck
* fixed some drag & drop bugs (such as card won't stack properly)
* added support for new gatherer website
* updated to Alara Reborn and Conflux set
Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2009-04-30

Magic Assistant is released

*  fixed editions that were not loading images properly
* fixed text search to respect word boundaries (otherwise search for Rat returns Pirate)
* added support for negative text search (-pirate)
* added column Comment
* added export to csv and xml support
* collection view now can show all cards including ones in decks
* added search as you type feature
* added Price column for user defined cards prices, and Seller's Price for automatically downloaded prices from internet for selected seller.
* added Edit command which bring edit dialog that allow to edit card fields without using cell editor
* added Info page for deck to Edit deck description
* added import from cvs, xml and classic text deck format
* added paste command
Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2009-01-19

Magic Assistant is released (build ID 200811292123)
* added draw emulation view;
* fixed counters for cards while editing library/deck;
* added attribute/column for "ownership";
* added ability to split card pile for later drag & drop;
* dragging files from collection to deck would move cards now instead of copying;

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2008-12-01

Magic Assistant is released

Magic Assistant is released

* fixed search by color, includes hybrid now
* added untap symbol, database updated for description text containing untap
* fixed Group by->None
* added Reference guide in help

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2008-10-23

Magic Assistant is released

Release Name:
- updated database with "Shards of Alara" mtg set
- added feature to generate "Booster pack" - collection of random cards to practise deck construction for sealed deck tournaments
- added feature to move cards from one deck to another
- added support for card collections and filtering them in library view

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2008-09-28

MagicAssistant is released

Maintenance release - fixed some bugs and implemented several new features, see release notes at

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2008-09-16

Magic Assistant - db updated with Eventide set

Magic Assistant is a tool for searching and managing "Magic: the Gathering" cards.

Current features include: Card Browser with advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, which comes with built-in database and support cards update via internet; Card Organizer for managing card collection (decks and library); Embedded help browser with built-in MTG rulebook.

This release includes new database for latest MTG set: "Eventide" and some other features and bug fixes.... read more

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2008-08-15

Magic Assistant: - first production release is out

Magic Assistant is a tool for searching and managing "Magic: the Gathering" cards.

This release is first production release, where most of the minor bugs are fixed. Current features include: Card Browser with advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, which comes with built-in database and support cards update via internet; Card Organizer for managing card collection (decks and library); Embedded help browser with built-in MTG rulebook.... read more

Posted by Alena Laskavaia 2008-07-22

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