Ratings not updating for all cards (Theros & Gatecrash)

  • Indy7

    Indy7 - 2013-09-22


    I have noticed that the rating field is not updated for 48 cards from the Theros set and 76 cards from the Gatecrash set. The rating field does not appear under these cards' entries in the xml files for the two sets.

    I have inputed the rating field manually in the xml files for these cards. The manually inputed ratings do show up in the database when I open the program, but still the ratings for these cards are not updated.

    Is this a known problem having to do with extracting the files from gatherer?

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  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2013-10-20

    Nothing actually updates for those cards, there is bunch of message in the log.
    There is some weird chars on these web pages and parser choked. I fixed it, will push update shortly

  • Indy7

    Indy7 - 2013-10-20

    Thanks for looking into it!

    Great job with the whole magic assistant project btw!!! :)



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