#374 Feature Request: Print Proxies



I would like to be able to print proxies of the cards, similar to how magiccards.info supports.



  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2014-07-23

    Can you be more specific? I don't know what it means

  • Jon

    Jon - 2014-07-23


    When you go to www.magiccards.info, you can search for a card: http://magiccards.info/m14/en/102.html

    Near the bottom is a section labeled: Print Proxes

    When you click on a number, the site will add the image(s) for that card to a web page.
    You can then continue adding more cards or print that page.

    If you put the page setup in landscape, you can get 8 card images on a page, cut them out, and have great proxies for deck testing.


    In doing the research for this request (to ensure it wasn't already requested), I saw where you store the images and use it as a link. So perhaps you could add an action that would open a local web page with links to the local images, sized to print correctly. I see that the "Report a bug" opens the browser, so this could use a bit of what you already do.

    If you decide to do this and need help (or a specific donation) let me know.

    If you decide not to do this, let me know that too. While looking into this, I think I can write a script that uses your images and creates the page locally. I wouldn't be pretty or well-integrated, but it would do the job. :)


  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2014-07-23

    Yeah it will be pretty easy to create another export format like this.
    I can do it tonight if I have time.

    On related note there is card graphic view in Graphics tab, there you
    can re-order cards (but they only way to print it is to take screenshot
    of the screen, which probably not what you want)

  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2014-07-24

    I will publish tonight (in Files area). It is beta. I don't have installer for now, only zip files. You need java 8 to run it. Won't run with java 7.

    To use the feature, create deck or collection of cards you want to print,
    switch to export tab, select Print Proxy HTML from drop down, click save button,
    it should open browser with saves file, from there select Print. Make sure
    scale to fit is NOT enabled to have right sizes.

  • Jon

    Jon - 2014-07-24

    Wow - that is incredible!

    I will try that out tomorrow evening (Eastern Time).


  • Jon

    Jon - 2014-07-24


    This is very good and works smoothly.

    My goal is to be able to print 8 cards on a page, then be able to cut them with as few cuts as possible. (I make a lot of proxies!) To do this, I set the page to landscape mode with as small page margins as possible.

    There are four things that would make this change better:

    1) Image Sizes
    The perfect image size is 332 x 239. By adding this to each image tag, I got the right size. On magicCards, I use Page Setup to increase page size by 107% to achieve this.

    2) Margins
    The ideal margin between cards is 1 pixel. I looked at the htm from magicCards and the xml Magic Assistant creates and they are nearly the same. I couldn't figure out what causes the extra spacing, nor could I overcome it with a global css value. So 'tweaked' each line to get the result:

        - 1st card:         margin  0   0 0  0 
    - 2nd - 4th card: margin 0 0 0 -3px
    - 5th card: margin -4px 0 0 0
    - 6th - 8th card: margin -4px 0 0 -3px

    A sample XML I generated
    A sample print screen of the page

    3) Wrong Image
    You may have noticed in the XML that Rogue Skycaptains are different image files (one is from Masters Edition II, the other from Alliances). But in the Export, they are the same image. This is the exported deck

    4) Magic 2015 Images Not Working
    The images for Magic 2015 do not show up in the export view, nor do they print.
    However, the image is getting copied to the folder. This is a shot of my M15/EN folder

    I really appreciate you adding this feature. Hopefully some tweaks and it will be spot on.


  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2014-07-25

    Yeah I don't know whats up with margins. I don't want to hardcode image sizes because current sizes from gatherer are pretty good, and it will be like a pixel off it will try to re-size it and will look like crap. If you print from explorer I had to set 107 scale as well, if you print from Chrome - no scale is exactly right size.
    I will play with margins to see how it goes (I can print 9 cards on my printer in portrait with low paper margins). I will check other images not showing up properly next week.

  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2014-07-27

    4 Magic 2015 not working - bug in IE. If you save this html and open with Chrome or Firefox it works

    3 It is wrong image in gatherer.

    Technically you can replace it my xml if you have another image of the same size somewhere...

  • Jon

    Jon - 2014-07-27


    I have confirmed that #3 & #4 are as you say. Kinda funny that I would test with one of the few that have the wrong source image.

    If you don't get the margins to work, that is ok - I can write a macro for the XML to tweak it and make it easier for me. I agree that hard-coding sizes is not a good idea.

    Thanks again!

  • Alena Laskavaia

    Alena Laskavaia - 2014-08-08
    • status: open --> closed


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