#5 Can't call MTAmazon twice in same template

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When I have the MTAmazon tag in the same template
(main index - index.html) twice (calling once for a
wishlist and once for a listmania list), the first list shows
up - the second one doesn't.

What I think is happening is this. Amazon's SDK
specifies that you can't (or shouldn't) make a request
more than once per second.

When I have two calls to MTAmazon in a template, the
first call works as expected. The second call results in a
chached file with an error message (no info - just that
an error occured). When I swap the order of the calls,
the second call always gets this error.

So.. I deleted the bad cache file, removed the good call
from my index template, rebuilt the pages, then simply
put the second call back in. Sure enough, I now have
both lists online.

If my assumption is correct, could a time delay routine
be added if there is more than one call?

Thank you - I love the component!

Jeff Beer

PS - couldn't find a link to register


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