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Alexpux in http://sourceforge.net/p/msys2/mailman/message/32498770 wrote:

(the installers will automatically do the first-run of MSYS2 for you,
but you MUST let this complete before you select "Finish" -
particularly if you leave "Run MSYS2 now." checked)

How long is this run? After more than an hour, task manager displays that the installer still uses about 50% of CPU.. How can the user know that the installer finished to run for the first time so that one can click the "Finish" button?

Another thing.. I see that the installer creates in Start menu the key MSYS2 under which the links

Name : MinGW-w64 Win32 Shell
Target: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /A /Q /K C:\msys64\mingw32_shell.bat
From : C:\Windows\system32

Name : MinGW-w64 Win64 Shell
Target: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /A /Q /K C:\msys64\mingw64_shell.bat
From : C:\Windows\system32

Name : MSYS2 Shell
Target: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /A /Q /K C:\msys64\msys2_shell.bat
From : C:\Windows\system32

Why those TARGER and FROM fields?

With my old MSYS2 installation I had created the same MSYS2 key but with these links:

Name : autorebase
Target: C:\msys64\autorebase.bat
From : C:\msys64

Name : MSYS2 Terminal
Target: C:\msys64\msys2_shell.bat
From : C:\msys64

Name : MSYS2-MinGW32 Terminal
Target: C:\msys64\mingw32_shell.bat
From : C:\msys64

Name : MSYS2-MinGW64 Terminal
Target: C:\msys64\mingw64_shell.bat
From : C:\msys64

and as icon I chose that of MinTTy, i.e. msys.ico file (now it would be msys2.ico)...

Why are the links created by the installer better than mine?



  • Ray Donnelly

    Ray Donnelly - 2014-06-25

    Alexpux in http://sourceforge.net/p/msys2/mailman/message/32498770 wrote:

    Except that Alexey didn't write that email.

    How long is this run?

    Not long at all, a few seconds. A console window should appear, then some text should scroll then it should disappear. I will try to make this operation block until it is completed.

    Why are the links created by the installer better than mine?

    I'm not sure what you are asking here. The links we create are more explicit in the location of and the options options that are passed to cmd.exe and we've added a program to the link instead of a batch file which could cause problems (if you had a broken COMSPEC for example, or somehow associated some whacky command processor, shell or other terminal emulator than cmd.exe with .bat). We must be as defensive against weird shell/terminal setups as we possibly can be otherwise we'd end up wasting lots of time chasing bugs due to them.

    Overall though our links work so why would you even bother to ask about it? I followed the examples provided by the Qt Installer Framework which we use to make the installers.

    I'm closing this as I don't think you actually ran into any bugs, and just wanted to ask some questions.

    We will be revising the installers so that both 32 and 64bit MSYS2 can be installed at the same time and I will try to make the initial run a blocking operation too.

  • Ray Donnelly

    Ray Donnelly - 2014-06-25
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Ray Donnelly

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