disowned files

  • Andy Melnikov

    Andy Melnikov - 2014-06-23

    There are many files in msys2-base-x86_64-20140507.tar.xz that are disowned (that is not owned by any package) and continue to be disowned after pacman -Suy

    Can I create a pull request to fix those? Should I follow ArchLinux packaging model where /etc/fstab (for example) is owned by filesystem package?

    /etc/shells is owned by msys2-base, for example, while on Arch it's owned by filesystem.

    I think sticking to what Arch does is better. msys2-base will only contain msys-specific things and filesystem will contain all common Unix files/folders it has on Arch.

    What do you think?

    Another issue is /usr redirection. What is current position on it? I see packages list /usr/bin but actual files are in /bin. So my understanding is there must be a package that creates /bin before any other package attempts to create /usr/bin, correct?

    I like pacstrap from arch-install-scripts package and the way how pacstrap /mnt base produces a valid installation of Arch. Should I fix packaging so doing pacman -r ... base creates a folder identical to msys2-base.tar.xz? Now it doesn't because many files seem mispackaged.

  • Ray Donnelly

    Ray Donnelly - 2014-07-21

    Hi Andy,

    I don't think anyone would disagree with having these things fixed.

    We've got a filesystem package now, and the move to /usr should be more or less finished. If you find any packages that create a /bin folder then definitely send pull requests to fix them.

    The same goes for mispackaged files. FWIW, out installer script(s) can probably use pacstrap instead of pacman, if you wanted to investigate that too.


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