katjabuyko - 2007-04-19

Dear admin,

Currently, the interface to the DependecyParser effects only through the main method.
The args-options include among others the input and output file. This is o.k. if you work on the file level. The problem arises when you switch to sentence level. In our applciation we aim to parse one sentence after one other. If we do it in this way, we deal with performance problems because the DependecyParser loads the model every time we send a sentence to the main method. It would be great to have an other interface to the functionality at the sentence level. It means that the model would be uploaded one time and we could use the functionality for new sentences with the same DependecyParser instance. It would be look like
parser = new DependencyParser.loadmodel(String model); parser.parse (String sentence);
What do you think about it?

Best regards!

Katja Buyko