--- a/bfd/configure.host
+++ b/bfd/configure.host
@@ -56,6 +56,12 @@
 m68*-hp-hpux*)		HDEFINES=-DHOST_HP300HPUX ;;
+# Some Solaris systems (osol0906 at least) have a libc that doesn't recognise
+# the "MS-ANSI" code page name, so we define an override for CP_ACP (sets the
+# default code page used by windres/windmc when not specified by a commandline
+# option) to select the "WINDOWS-1252" name instead.  See PR11280 for details.
+*-*-solaris2.11)	HDEFINES=-DCP_ACP=1 ;;
 			HOST_U_64BIT_TYPE="unsigned __int64"