How to get to know a used data memory in gcc?

Pandit Nad
  • Pandit Nad

    Pandit Nad - 2009-05-15

      I'm Pandit. I'm doing with msp430 programming using MSPGCC compiler. I have little doubt about knowing a data memory used by the project. Actually after loading the code onto the chip it'll show like this:

    Erasing target flash - all... Erased OK
    load debug/bootloader.elf
    Loading section .text, size 0x2da lma 0x8000
    Loading section .data, size 0x82 lma 0x82da
    Loading section .vectors, size 0x20 lma 0xffe0
    Start address 0x8000, load size 892
    Transfer rate: 1 KB/sec, 297 bytes/write.

    Loading section .data, size 0x82: This size only refers to the initialized variables. Means any variables intialized some values like this:

    uint8_t halSwCnt=0,flag=0;
    uint16_t halAdcVal = 0;

    If i didn't initialize to zero. It'll not show the data size for this. How to get to know the data size for this.
    For this type variables i can initialize to zeros but for an array type of variables its difficult to initialize to zero.
    If i define array variable like this:

    uint8_t Buf[200];
    It'll not show this in data mem size. Please tell me how to get to know this size.


    • Sergey A. Borshch

      try msp430-objdump -h file.elf. It will print all sections addresses and sizes.
      uint8_t Buf[200]; goes into .bss section.


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