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The MSP430 project brings Ada to the MSP430 microcontrollers from Texas Instruments. It follows the lead of the AVR-Ada project which does the same for Atmel AVR processors.

The compiler is based on the FSF release of Gnat, part of the gcc compiler suite, combined with the mspgcc back-end to generate code for MSP430 processors.

Early days yet! So far the project has:

A package containing:

  1. Build instructions for a compiler based on gnu gcc4.7.2, gnu binutils 2.22, and mspgcc-20120911 from the mspgcc 4.7 development branch.

  2. A first pass at a runtime system (RTS) drawn from the AVR-Ada project. This has been compiled virtually unchanged from the AVR-Ada version, so must be regarded as untested and probably incorrect in important respects.

  3. A simple utility to generate Ada packages for device support by translating the C header files from the mspgcc CPU support package for each processor. Thus we can offer device support for all devices in the MSP430 family.

  4. a set of device support packages generated by this utility.

  5. The inevitable [Blinky test program].

  6. An additional example; a LED digital watch which fits in just under 1 kilobyte of program memory.

  7. A document describing the project progress so far.

The same is also available via a Mercurial repository; at times, this may be more up to date.

The documentation is also separately available in the "/doc" folder.

Bear with me; it will take some time to become familiar with the Wiki editing process...

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

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