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Does this work on windows?

  • Daniel Eloff

    Daniel Eloff - 2006-12-21

    Nowhere did I see any indiciation that it might not. However, on downloading it I have noticed the application seems to be an executable file with no extension (msncp.) As far as I know that's not executable on any version of windows. If it's native code it's not platform independent.

    Does it work on windows? If not, what's the problem? Maybe it is something I can help with.


    • Sebastián Santisi

      Hi, Dan;

      The MSNCP is a Python "script"; you require Python's interpreter installed to run Python programs.

      MSNCP uses Alberto Bertogli's msnlib; msnlib doesn't work in Windows; it's a consequence of the way as the library do the main select. When I develop the MSNCP I never think in make it compatible with Windows, and then other non-portable fragments of source may be present on MSNCP code; other problem is making work NCurses on Windows. I don't think that MSNCP could be ported to work on Windows systems.

      Sebastian Santisi

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can run MSNCP on windows using cygwin (, just be sure to include Python in the installation setup.


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