Passport authentication fails

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Last week everything was working.  Now when I connect, I get:

    09:06:33*** Logging in...
    09:06:34*** Server sent error 911: Authentication failed.

    Other MSN clients (Trillian) are working, and my password has not changed.

    Any ideas?  I'm running on Windows XP under Cygwin.

    • Sebastián Santisi

      I'm having the same trouble.

      Now I'm trying to contact the author of msnlib to get some idea about it.

      It's happening with all the msnlib based clients, since yersterday.

      Thanks for the report;
      Sebastián Santisi

    • Sebastián Santisi


      Here is the fix:

      Edit the 549 line of Change ct=1062764229 by ct=0.

      Sebastián Santisi

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, that seems to fix the problem!  Thank you!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi i had the same problem with authentication, i downloaded MSNCP again and i looked for its was modified, but now the output is:


      Hola tube el mismo problema con la autentificacion, descarge nuevamente MSNCP revise y ya estaba modificado, ahora me arrojo esto:

      $ ./msncp
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "./msncp", line 2703, in ?
        File "./msncp", line 2641, in wrapper
          act_startcolors(None) # BETA
        File "./msncp", line 1322, in act_startcolors
          curses.init_pair(1, curses.COLOR_RED, bgcolor)
      _curses.error: init_pair() returned ERR

      • Sebastián Santisi

        If the last version you're using was a version prior to 0.6.0-beta, the colored interface wasn't implemented yet.

        Try defining:

        no colors = yes

        On ~/.msncp/msncprc file.

        Sebastián Santisi


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