Problems with backspace

  • arpunk

    arpunk - 2006-07-03

    Im having problems with the backspace key on msncp. When i want to delete a character or a word using backspace it shows me instead the char ^?, it only works if i press the shift key and then i press the backspace key. Any idea what would cause that? Im using Python 2.4.3, ncurses 5.5-r3 and MSNCP version 0.7.0 Beta. My encoding is ISO-8859-1 and im using the default lang.

    • Sebastián Santisi


      The problem is on Curses... I'm using curses.KEY_BACKSPACE to detect a backspace event. It's only working when the term backspace key is ^H and fails when the key is configured to be ^?.

      I'll fix this on the next release; but it's a curses bug and not a MSNCP bug.

      Thanks for the comment;
      Sebastian Santisi

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is this a problem with curses version, curses configuration? Can it be solved easily?

      • Sebastián Santisi


        The simplest way to solve the bug on NCurses is by adding a line:

        curses.KEY_BACKSPACE = 127

        right after

        import curses # Python 1.6

        on msncp file.

        I will fix it for next realease.

        Sebastian Santisi


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