import _md5 fails

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I thought I had gotten everything but I am getting an error on '_md5'
    Import Error: No module named _md5
    using Python2.5.1
    It seems to find the module

    • Sebastián Santisi


      I haven't any Python2.5 installation to check the error but...

      On Python documentation, the module MD5 is flagged as deprecated for 2.5 version ( the module is only deprecated, msnlib would be work on Python2.5.

      Python 2.5 has added the hashlib module (, instead of md5. I think that changing the md5 import by a hashlib import and replacing the "hash = md5.md5(hash).hexdigest()" line on with "hash = hashlib.md5(hash).hexdigest()" it will be working.

      Sebastián Santisi

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It won't work It crash at least actually.

    `import md5`
    to `import hashlib`
    and change
    `"hash = md5.md5(hash).hexdigest()" `
    `hash = hashlib.md5(hash)`
    `hash = hash.hexdigest()`


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