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msmtp 1.4.21 released!

This minor update mainly fixes build problems with newer OpenSSL versions and with disabled TLS/SSL support.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2010-07-03

msmtp 1.4.18 released!

This release fixes some minor problems and updates the example scripts.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2009-09-09

msmtp 1.4.17 is released!

This release adds support for storing passwords in the GNOME keyring.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-12-27

msmtp 1.4.16 is released!

This release accepts the 251 response to the RCPT TO command (rarely used today) and fixes some portability problems with the example scripts.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-07-27

msmtp 1.4.15 is released!

The following changes are noteworthy in this release:

- TLS/SSL configurability is improved by the new commands tls_crl_file, tls_priorities, and tls_min_dh_prime_bits.

- The msmtpq scripts were added. They are intended to replace the msmtpqueue scripts in a future release. Additionally, the set_sendmail script was updated.

- Some minor bugs were fixed.


Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-06-07

msmtp 1.4.14 is released!

Noteworthy changes in this release include the following:
- The -t option now properly supports Resent-* headers.
- The new --read-envelope-from option allows to read the envelope from address from the From header.
- The environment variables SMTPSERVER and EMAIL can be used to configure msmtp for simple use cases.
- Support to store passwords using the Mac OS X keychain was added by Jay Soffian.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-03-13

LinuxUser has an article on mpop

The LinuxUser Magazine (in german) has an article about mpop in issue 10/2007, to be released on September 20, 2007. Mpop shares much of its source code with msmtp. The article was written by Andreas Kneib.

The magazine already ran an article by the same author on msmtp in issue 04/2005.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-09-18


Useful scripts are now distributed in the scripts subdirectory. Currently included are the msmtpqueue scripts and a script by Gautam Iyer.
The automatic selection of an account based on the envelope from address is now case insensitive.
The license was updated to GPLv3 or later (source code) and GFDLv1.2 or later (documentation).

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-08-01

msmtp 1.4.12 released!

The documentation was improved and a minor bug was fixed.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-06-16

msmtpqueue 0.5 released!

msmtpqueue 0.5 is released.
The script was added.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-05-06

msmtp 1.4.11 released!

This release makes the default behaviour more secure:
TLS now requires either tls_trust_file (highly
recommended) or a disabled tls_certcheck.
NTLM authentication is not used automatically without TLS anymore.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-04-09

msmtp 1.4.10 released!

A few build and installation problems were fixed. No other changes were made.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-01-21

msmtp 1.4.9 released!

This hotfix release fixes yet another build problem.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-11-06

msmtp 1.4.8 released!

Some minor build problems were fixed, and the gnulib portability library was updated.
Using OpenSSL on Mac OS X works again.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-11-05

msmtp 1.4.7 released!

Minor bugs were fixed, and some portability issues were solved.
The configuration command tls_force_sslv3 was added. This is needed to use TLS/SSL with some old and broken servers.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-08-20

msmtp 1.4.6 released!

This releas contains a long list of small changes, many of them taken from the latest mpop release.

Optional support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) was added.

The options to the configure script have changed! See the first few paragraphs of INSTALL for details.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-06-17

msmtp 1.4.5 released!

Only a few minor tweaks were made.
The bigger new is that the development finally moved to a public CVS repository on SourceForge. Everyone is invited to participate!

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-12-27

msmtp 1.4.4 released!

This release adds support for the sendmail -F option. Several minor improvements were made.
Please note: Previous versions of msmtp carried the additional note that "compiling, linking, and/or using OpenSSL is allowed". This is no longer the case, because msmtp uses gnulib modules that are released under the GNU GPL, and the note above does not apply to these modules.
It is still OK to download the msmtp sources and build binaries that are linked against OpenSSL, but it may be problematic to distribute those binaries (I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not sure about this).
If you want to avoid the OpenSSL licensing problems, consider using GnuTLS. It's the default anyway.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-08-15

msmtp 1.4.3 released!

This release allows empty envelope-from addresses by introducing a new command auto_from (and option --auto-from) to enable or disable automatic envelope-from addresses. Please update your configuration file and/or scripts if you use automatic envelope-from addresses!

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-07-16

msmtp 1.4.2 released!

Native language support (NLS) was added. Currently the only supported language besides english is german, but it is easy to add more translations.
The connection timeout setting was replaced by a general network timeout setting (the old command and option are still supported).
Some code cleanups were made.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-07-07

msmtp 1.4.1 released!

Version 1.4.1 was released a few days ago.

This release fixes a serious bug: msmtp failed to properly detect certain output errors. When GnuTLS support was compiled in, this could lead to corrupted mails being sent. Thanks to Jesse Michael for identifying, reporting, and fixing this.
In addition, this release contains several minor improvements; see the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-06-01

msmtp 1.4.0 released!

This is the new stable release of msmtp. Lots of new features were added during the 1.3.x series. Please read the file NEWS when upgrading from 1.2.4.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-04-03

msmtp 1.3.9 released!

One more release in the 1.3.x series because two new features were added: LMTP support and .netrc support.
These are the last feature additions in this series; the next release will hopefully be 1.4.0.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-03-15

msmtp 1.3.8 released!

No new features, but lots of minor cleanups, improvements and fixes. See the ChangeLog for details.
I'm preparing 1.4.0, so please if you want something included or find a problem in this release!

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-02-24

msmtp 1.3.7 released!

New in this release:
- Account specialisation; see documentation of the account command
- Security checks for the user configuration file
- Configurable connection timeout
- It is possible to be prompted for a password instead of storing it in the configuration file

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-02-13