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Hello, I have installed msi2xml from the Windows
Installer Package "msi2xml-" on Windows
XP SP2 and the installation ends successfully. BUT!
When I run msi2xml.exe I get this message:
"Class not registered"

And win I run xml2msi.exe I get this message:
"This application has requested the Runtime to
terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for
more information."

So what is the problem?!


  • Vl@dik

    Vl@dik - 2006-08-16

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    hey same probelm !!!!
    maybe there is another tool which can "compile"
    and "decompile" .msi files ?!?!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I ran into this also and here is the fix:

    I used the sysinternals process monitor tool to watch what msi2xml was doing that it got this error. This showed (in my case) that the following registry key could not be opened:


    Some research on the net shows that this is msxml version 4.

    Running regsvr32 on the msxml4.dll DLL file fixed the problem.

  • Jeff Lawson

    Jeff Lawson - 2007-05-08

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    Originator: NO

    msi2xml needs to be updated to check for newer versions of MSXML. The current downloadable version of MSXML is version 6, but version 3 is still the most widely available version since it is included with Windows 2000/XP.

    According to this MSXML team blog entry, they are currently recommending that version 6 be tried first, and then fall back to version 3:


  • Daniel Gehriger

    Daniel Gehriger - 2007-09-26

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    Originator: NO

    Release 2.2.0 uses MSXML 6.0.



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