Message Pack for LabVIEW

This project implements the Message Pack (msgpack) in LabVIEW, using a fast alternate C implementation of the protocol.

These bindings present a simple interface to packing data into a binary stream, presenting a simple and efficient means of transmitting data over the wire, and between the many programming languages which implement the protocol.

Below is a simple example demonstrating how easy it is to serialise data with msgpack, and how compact the result (shown in hex) is compared to its JSON equivalent.

The bindings support:

  • Signed/unsigned integers (up to 64-bit)
  • Floating points (up to doubles)
  • Booleans
  • Strings/raw data
  • Nulls (void variants)
  • Clusters (as string maps) including any supported type
  • Arrays of any supported type
  • Arbitrary key/value pairs
  • Heterogeneous arrays

The library is easily installed by downloading the package and installing it with the VI Package Manager, or clone the mercurial repository for the latest updates.

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