#24 Stream without re-encoding


What do you think of the possibility of having mserv
stream ogg vorbis files without having to re-encode them
first? I have a bunch of Quality 0 files that I made for
direct streaming and if I try to use them with mserv it
uses my CPU cycles basically for nothing.

I'm currently trying to hack a way to do this maybe via
shell scripts and the example app included with libshout,
but the best way would be if mserv could do it internally.


  • Anonymous - 2004-01-18

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    Sorry, I just realized this had been submited as bug 835411.
    Please ignore.

  • James Ponder

    James Ponder - 2004-01-19

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    I would really like to do this, but I think it would be a
    massive undertaking. The more mserv is modularised to
    support different input and output streams and channels and
    things, the more difficult this becomes :(

    Currently the core is in flux as it is modularised, I guess
    when it's all stable in that area perhaps some short-circuit
    direct ogg-to-ogg could be added - somehow.

    e.g. say you have a channel with the input from an ogg file
    and 3 output streams: 1. the local sound card, 2. an icecast
    server at 32k bitrate and 3. an icecast server at "quality
    0" bitrate. What I think would need to happen in this
    situation is ... complicated. Currently input and output
    are separate, in the sense that the input is decoded into
    raw sound and passed to the output streams for playing (or

  • James Ponder

    James Ponder - 2004-01-19
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