#23 Alternative to the "factor"


The "factor" is sensitive to the number of songs in the

Setting a certain factor will effectively limit the
number of songs mserv chooses between. A high factor
will make mserv choose between few songs and a factor
close to 0.50 will make mserv choose between a lot of
songs. Let's call the number of songs mserv chooses
between N.

Let's say I have 100 songs in my archive and N is 150.
In that case I'll get to hear all of my songs.

Let's say I add 100 more songs to the archive, but keep
the same factor. In that case, there are 50 songs I'll
probably never get to hear.

Now, to my feature request:

Instead of setting the factor directly I'd like to be
able to say: "I want P% of the played songs be unrated
ones.". The factor is set dynamically by mserv as
things change.

Of course, when nobody has rated any songs, mserv won't
be able to stick to the deal, and when all songs have
been rated the same thing goes. But with a music
archive where people have rated songs to some extent,
mserv will be able to live up to that contract.

Setting P instead of setting the factor directly would
not be sensitive to having new songs added to the archive.


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