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generic database improved with string matches

version 1.1.2, September-10-2007
FIX: getAttribute <index> false : of an unknown index makes
a segmentation fault.

a equivalent fix for getIndex method concerning the missing index and the "fal
se" exception
finishing addmethod+eval methods tcl functions
add tcl and examples directories to installation and package

version 1.1.1, August-08-2007
Tcl_Alloc and Tcl_Free functions used instead of new and delete of c++
This make tcl core manage garbage collecting genDb objects.... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2007-09-10

generic database C++ designed for tcl/tk

gendb uses swig to interface c++ with tcl/tk
gendb allows to build complex structure datas completing tcl lists and arrays.

Posted by charlyvig 2006-11-26

msdviewer 1 is out with full basic features implemented

New in this version

- Fix : write points field with x an y coordinates on the same line.

- Fix : faster code.

- Fix : selection of multiple boxes : draging can make line disconnect from their boxes and moved just like a cell or a box.

- Fix : write fix of other objects not used for the database.

- New : text editor improved (cell and line). Add help button to get available list fields.... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2006-07-26

msdviewer 0.9.9 multiple selection + faster + exec command

New in this version

- Fix : it was possible to edit a box just like a cell when this box was connected to a cell's pin (windows only).

- Fix : left right keyboard arrows produce an error when no schema is loaded.

- Fix : grid badly supported by boxes.

- Fix : closing all sheets make impossible to load new sheets with IWidget.

- New : add left and right keyboard arrow functions when no IWidget.... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2006-05-04

msdviewer 0.9.8 supports multiple sheets without IWidget

msdviewer 0.9.8 supports multiple sheets without IWidget installed.
New in this version

- Fix : paste a cell : lines can be above cell.

- Fix : an error while reading a file makes msdviewer unusable. Moreover, the debug message was not very helpful.

- New : can open multiple sheets without iwidget installed.


- debuging

- grid badly supported by boxes

- selection of multiple cells and boxes.... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2006-03-14

msdviewer 0.9.7 better support of grid + IHM improvments

New in this version

- Fix : tclsh is used instead of wish to start script. Tk package is in charge to load graphic server.

- Fix : without Iwidget there was no more about window when starting program

- Fix : grid is much more functional. Grid now fixes a bug a tcl concerning canva bbox and canva coords functions.

- Fix : write function has been very simplified

- Fix : model button updates cell's right menu of current canva + is disabled to have only one model file load... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2006-02-23

msdviewer 0.9.6 supports Tk without Iwidget installed

msdviewer 0.9.6 supports Tk without Iwidget installed.
New in this version

- Fix : command line parsing rewritten. Better line error support for non-unix system : a window is opened.

- Fix : copy pictures in sub directory didn't work anymore.

- New : gzip (under GPL2 license) and bzip2 (under free use license) file support for pictures and msdv files.

- New : add 'model' button to charge a model file.... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2006-02-02

msdviewer 0.9.5 is out with model support

New in 0.9.5

- Warning : picture item (type picture) must use 'picture' field to define file path and no more 'file'.

- Fix : restore cell's color before opening file by 'double clic'.

- Fix : save increment file name + improvments of behavior.

- Fix : can open file without extension.

- Fix : use same function to edit cell and to write a tcl array. With edit cell method same argument might miss.... read more

Posted by charlyvig 2006-01-18

first release

first release

Posted by charlyvig 2005-09-11

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