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  • julienjut

    Thanks for this greate tool, thanks for your team. It's more powerful than mscgen I ever used.
    I also find some compatible cases:
    1, The defualt version(3.5.18) can not run on my Windows XP when it has been installed. It gave me the massage about "It is not a compatible win32 application" either in command-line or in exploerer. Then I change a little earlier version(3.5.16), it works great.
    2, External Editor can be integrated into the internal editor, such as GVIM. When Press "Ctrl-E", it produce an extra windows gui and I should switch from these two tools again and again.
    3, Each element such as "a,b,c" has a little hat much like a line. It can be cleared or not?

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for using the tool and providing feedback.

    1. Unfortunately Windows XP is not supported it would be a lot of work to make all features work and I decided not to.
    2. This is how the external editor is supposed to work. I am not sure how I could make an external editor to appear inside the Msc-generator window.
    3. True, I will add this to my to do list.