Erik Ykema - 2013-01-07

Hi Zoltán,
Thanks for a great product! We started with, however prefer your product for ease of use and features, and being free.
We use the tool to draw cross-system interactions, in a somewhat UML kind of style.

Some feedback after using it a few weeks:
1 - (Windows 7) when clicking more than once in the right-hand graphical diagram, the windows program crashes. This is very consistent can be repeated anytime. Is there a log file I can send you to check this.
2 - the installer from Sourceforge won't run on WindowsXP-SP3 ("The operating system is not adequate for running Msc-generator".) I couldn't find a list of supported OSs - do you support WinXP or intend to?
3 - mscgen.exe and also websequencediagrams have an option to activate/deactivate an activity bar automatically, which I like for request/response style interactions. Would a switch be possible, in combination with some syntax elements to use activate/deactivate by default. This would save a lot of typing and enhance the readability of the diagrams.

Thanks again for a great product,
PS: I am not authorized with my SourceForge account to create feature requests or bugs, but I guess this is the default.