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CopperLan Freeware Samples

This is a VST/AU plugin allowing hi-res control and automation of MS-812 from any kind of host through CopperLan.

Note: the source code of this project is only available for Windows (VST), Mac version is coming soon.

The code available from here is based on the CopperLan Freeware SDK. Source code is totally open and can be re-used in any kind of free or commercial application. However the Freeware SDK can be used only for open-source/freeware development! The SDK and the CopperLan middleware (available for Mac/PC) are free of charge.

CopperLan is a zero config, plug&play, multiplatform communication framework originally designed for the Music Industry. Actually it can be used for any project needing enhanced command&control. CopperLan technology is free for open/free development. For paid products, please read the conditions of use.

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