#530 modifiy Entry Type problem


I am going to modify the entry type and following the instruction at systemdefaults.inc.php
1) I add
$vocab_override["en"]["type.E"] = "Exam";
$vocab_override["en"]["type.I"] = "Course";
$vocab_override["en"]["type.M"] = "Meeting";

into config.ini.php
2) I add
$booking_types[] = "M";
into systemdefault.ini.php

then I refresh the page and its work in my development area as shown for the pic working_able_page.jpg . but when I try the same way into Production. It given out not_working_able_page.jpg which is not working


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  • Campbell Morrison

    I don't think I can help. There must be some difference between your development and production configurations.

    By the way, it is better to put

    $booking_types[] = "M";

    in your config.inc.php file rather than change systemdefaults. If you make the changes to your config file then you won't have to re-apply the changes when you upgrade to a new version of MRBS.


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    Anonymous - 2014-04-28

    Dear Campbell,
    As I check back the config.ini.php, I find out that for the entry types, they have use the following code. So I need to delete/remark those setting and change it to use $booking_types[] and $vocab_override function

    * Entry Types

    // This array maps entry type codes (letters A through J) into descriptions.
    // Each type has a color (see TD.x classes in the style sheet mrbs.css.php).
    // The value for each type is a short (one word is best) description of the
    // type. The values must be escaped for HTML output ("R&D").
    // Please leave I and E alone for compatibility.
    // If a type's entry is unset or empty, that type is not defined; it will not
    // be shown in the day view color-key, and not offered in the type selector
    // for new or edited entries.

    // $typel["A"] = "A";
    // $typel["B"] = "B";
    // $typel["C"] = "C";
    // $typel["D"] = "D";
    $typel["E"] = get_vocab("course");
    // $typel["F"] = "F";
    // $typel["G"] = "G";
    // $typel["H"] = "H";
    $typel["I"] = get_vocab("meeting");
    // $typel["J"] = "J";

  • Campbell Morrison

    Yes, that's right. The way that booking types are handled in the config file has changed so you'll need to delete the old style config settings and add in the new.


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    Anonymous - 2014-04-29

    done it thanks for helping and support

  • Yanni

    Yanni - 2016-01-12

    If you have a line that reads:
    require_once "language.inc";
    It may be a holdover from an older version... I ran into a similar issue myself, and commenting out the requirement for Language.inc solved it!



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