#419 Where do I find the error-log?


I just installed MRBS on my website that I just transfered to the webhosting provider one.com. They have support for mysql and php.

I followed the install-notes but I receive an error:
Fatal error: unfortunately the database is not available at the moment.

Some already asked about this error in here and was told to look in the errorlog. Question is: where do I find it?

Sorry if this sound too simple and obvious, but I have zero knowledge about mysql and php. Hope someone can help me and perhaps also to solve the problem, when I actually find the errorlog! :-)

Kind regards


  • Campbell Morrison

    Where your error log is will depend on your PHP configuration. See http://www.php.net/manual/en/errorfunc.configuration.php#ini.error-log for more details. However it's quite likely that the error messages will have gone to a file called error_log in your MRBS directory.

    The most likely cause of the problem is not having the database config settings correct for

    $dbsys = "mysqli";
    // Hostname of database server. For pgsql, can use "" instead of localhost
    // to use Unix Domain Sockets instead of TCP/IP.
    $db_host = "localhost";
    // If you need to specify a non-standard port for the database connection
    // you can define this
    //$db_port = 1234;
    // Database name:
    $db_database = "mrbs";
    // Database login user name:
    $db_login = "mrbs";
    // Database login password:
    $db_password = 'mrbs-password';
    // Prefix for table names.  This will allow multiple installations where only
    // one database is available
    $db_tbl_prefix = "mrbs_";


  • Albert

    Albert - 2013-11-25

    and thank you for your reply.
    You talk about an error_log file in my MRBS-library.
    I have gone through the library quite thoroughly, but didn't find the file.

    About the database-config, here is the info I got from one.com my web hosting bureau:

    Host: terapeuternevedriget.dk.mysql
    Database: terapeuterneved
    Brugernavn (User): terapeuterneved
    Adgangskode (Password): **

    here is what I typed into the config-file:

    $dbsys = "mysqli";
    $db_host = "terapeuternevedriget.dk.mysql";
    $db_database = "terapeuterneved";
    $db_login = "terapeuterneved";
    $db_password = '**';
    $db_tbl_prefix = "mrbs_";

    Can you see a reason to the error in this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Campbell Morrison

    Do you get any output at all in the browser from MRBS except for the fatal error message? What were you trying to do in MRBS at the time?


  • Albert

    Albert - 2013-11-25

    No I dont seem to get any errors except the one mentioned.
    The login-screen loads fine, but when I login I get the error,

    feel free to try:
    login/pass: Albert/sixo

    What ever i try to do - create new room etc - and i get the error!

    Any ideas?

  • Campbell Morrison

    Ah OK. Your database settings are OK. Something else is causing the error. What have you got $auth['type'] set to?

    Also can you try setting

    $auth["session"] = "cookie";

    in your config file.


  • Albert

    Albert - 2013-11-25

    Hi again,
    thanks for taking your time to help me!

    here is the auth-section of my config-file:

    $auth["session"] = "cookie"; (it was set to 'php' before)
    $auth["type"] = "config";


  • Campbell Morrison

    I think it's possible that you haven't set up the SQL tables for MRBS. You need to execute the SQL in tables.my.sql


  • Albert

    Albert - 2013-11-25

    In my control panel, on my account, there is a section by the name "PhPMyAdmin". If I click it a lot of stuff regarding the database pops up. There is also a button "Create table" and there is text saying "No tables in this database".

    Do I have to create a table for MRBS to work? Could that be the problem?

  • Campbell Morrison

    Yes, that's the problem.

    In phpMyAdmin you will see a tab along the top called "SQL". Select that tab and then copy the entire contents of the file tables.my.sql and paste it into the space in the SQL tab. Then press "Go". phpMyAdmin will now execute the SQL that you have just given it and create the MRBS tables for you.

    MRBS should now be working. However I recommend that you change $auth["session"] back to "php". I also recommend that you change $auth["type"] to be "db" instead of "config". Using "db" means that the list of users is kept in the MRBS database and there are tools in MRBS for managing the list of users from the browser. If you use "config" then you will have to edit the config file every time you want to change a user.

    Assuming you are using "db" then the first thing you should do when MRBS is running is to create an admin user. Click on the "User list" link in the top right hand corner and MRBS will bring up a form to create the first user. Then login as that user and create additional users.


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    Anonymous - 2013-11-26

    Mr. Campbell,
    thank you so much for your help and kindness!
    Now it all works :-)

    Thanks again,



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