#303 Serbian translation of MRBS based on "lang.en 2511 2012-10-19 15:17:37Z cimorrison"


As title say here is translation to Serbian language. There are only two strings that aren't translated and one missing (also missing in French and English vocab):

  1. $vocab["book_ahead_note_periods"] = "When using periods, book ahead times are rounded down to the nearest whole day.";

  2. I rely don't understand what this should mean (is it related to reservations that last longer than all periods in one day so they are moved to next day or to reservations that can't be made in specific day because there is some reservations that is taking one period of let say potential 5 and new reservation has to take all 5 periods so it is automatically moved to next day that have all 5 periods free.)

  3. $vocab["no_LOCATION"] = "The VEVENT did not include a LOCATION property";

  4. I haven't used import tool jet so I haven't seen this massage, and without context I can't translate it.

Missing string is first option related to $vocab["sort_rep"] (Sort report by:) string at reports page (option before Start date/time)

So, can someone provide me a help for those strings?

Also, I have included a small explanation at the end of vocabulary for how to enter words for custom fields.

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  • knjigor

    knjigor - 2012-11-01

    One more missing string:
    In report page there is no translation (French and English to) for following buttons at $vocab["confirmation_status"] = "Confirmation status"; "both" "confirmed" "tentative".

    Last edit: knjigor 2012-11-01
  • Campbell Morrison

    1. "book_ahead_note_periods". There are as you know two different modes in MRBS, "times" and "periods". "Periods" are most frequently used by schools who might have seven different periods during the school day, eg "Period 1", "Period 2", etc. The point about this note is that when you are using periods MRBS does not know when they occur in the day - they are just a block of time that occurs sometime during the day. Therefore it makes no sense to say that you must book, for example, at least 12 hours in advance, because MRBS does not know how this relates to periods. So it will round 12 hours down to 0 days. (In the future it would be better if MRBS did not offer the possibility of units less than a day when using periods).

    2. "The VEVENT did not include a LOCATION property". The import feature imports data from .ics files which should be in a format defined by RFC 5545. This defines that a calendar should consist of components, such as a VEVENT, which consist of proprties such as a LOCATION. MRBS needs to know the LOCATION of a VEVENT so that it knows what room the event takes place in. (I plan to enhance the import feature in the future so that you can specify a default room to use if no LOCATION is defined in the VEVENT).




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