Have you at the same time changed MRBS version?





From: David Plunkett [mailto:plunkettdavid@hotmail.com]
Sent: 02 June 2014 22:15
To: mrbs-general@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [MRBS-general] Editing "type"


Hello- My library recently migrated mrbs to a new server. The old server had been running Mysql 4.1.22 and the new one is running 5.5.36-cll. We had some customized "types" of meetings for the old box... Library Program, Library Staff, Public Mtg., and Closed which I thought were set in the config.inc.php file here:



 * Entry Types



// This array maps entry type codes (letters A through J) into descriptions.

// Each type has a color (see TD.x classes in the style sheet mrbs.css.php).

// The value for each type is a short (one word is best) description of the

// type. The values must be escaped for HTML output ("R&D").

// Please leave I and E alone for compatibility.

// If a type's entry is unset or empty, that type is not defined; it will not

// be shown in the day view color-key, and not offered in the type selector

// for new or edited entries.


// $typel["A"] = "Library Staff Closed";

// $typel["B"] = "B";

// $typel["C"] = "C";

$typel["D"] = "Library Staff"; //get_vocab("internal");

// $typel["E"] = "E";

// $typel["F"] = "F";

// $typel["G"] = "G";

$typel["H"] = "Libr. Program"; //get_vocab("external");

$typel["I"] = "Public Mtg.";

$typel["J"] = "Closed";



This text came over verbatim to the new server, but all we see is "internal" and "external." Any advice on getting the old types back?