#9 Additions to MRBS code


I have made some modifications to MRBS. These include:

  • Move meeting/series of meetings to another room.
  • Selection/pick list for meeting times, based on
    schedule window, limited to valid times (per
  • Room list on bottom of grid (good for when you have
    to scroll to the bottom of the grid for later in the
    day) for day view.
  • Day list of bottom of grid for week view.
  • Toggle bottom of grid listing in config.inc
  • Show room name in edit/view screen that you are
    working on.
  • Toggle for am/pm or military times.
  • Toggle to show room booking size in grid listings
    (good for resources).

Known issues:
- edit_entry_handler and move_entry_handler - if you
create a series, and edit/delete an entry in that
series, then edit/move the series, it will recreate the
missing/edited/moved entry per the repeat rule of that
series, and this may create scheduling conflicts. This
bug was there before I started modifications.

Let me know what you think of the modifications. Should
they be included in a future release?

Steven Stringham


  • Steven Stringham

    updated mrbs with changes

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I think the rom-name is a good feature and
    also the "day-list" at the bottom of the grid.

    how hard would it be to put in weeknumbers.
    week nr 8 for this week for example?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    These would be great! Were they implemented in the 1.1 pre
    1 release?



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