#30 Request or Book by Authorization

Brad MN

I like to call myself an "Advanced Neophyte" when it
comes to PHP. I have strong application database
background, but am relatively new to the web in general
and PHP in particular.

I would be thrilled to get input on how I might do
this, as I do it, (and succeed hopefully) I will certainly
make it available here for anyone that wants it.
However, I don't think that I am 'worthy' to be an
officially assigned member of the the team, but if I am
able to stumble upon something that works...

I need to build a system where everyone can see, some
people can request, and fewer people can book rooms in
the fantastic mrbs.

I have already been able to set up the existing
authenticaton system to identify these groups.

I have added the attributes to the Room table of
RoomNumber (as opposed to the name the 'Fitzgerald
Conference Room' is has room number '16-332'), a
RoomAdminName and RoomAdminEmail (for the person
that will be in charge of accepting or denying a room
request for the particular room), I am contemplating
adding RoomIP, RoomPhone, RoomDirectionsLink,
RoomResources (projector monitor, pulldown screen,
dedicated computer, teleconfrence equipment etc --
free form entry or perhaps checklist to select from and
then free form to enter a new possibility --

I have added the attribute to the entry table of
roomidREQ for "room id request". My thinking was that
when someone is allowed to book there is a variable set
to 1 that is set to 0 for others. This would allow sql
commands to place real data (roomid multiplied by 1)
into the roomid field, while those without the access
would enter 0 for the roomid (roomid multiplied by 0).
Thus, the roomidREQ field would be set to the actual
room id regardless of access, and then the person that
oversees the bookings for a particular room can see
requests where others can't, highlighted specially as
requests, and they can clilck them to edit them, and the
booker can accept or reject the request (with default
emails going to the requestor with the option of
additional explanation "Sorry, this is being used for the
Xmas party on this day").

As an Advanced Neophyte I cannot fully grasp whether
this direction is best. If anyone that knows the guts of
mrbs and has any insights that may assist me, and also
make it more likely that what I end up with will actually
be useful to others, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,



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