Albert - 2014-03-05

Just to specify why this could be a good upgrade to your system, let me share with you my thoughts.

A booking can vary alot - it can be one hour or ten. And in that context counting bookings seems to make a lot less sence than counting units of time.

I know that you can limit bookings to be a constant; for example 1 hour.
Even though this seems to solve the problem, it takes away the users freedom to make bookings of different length. It happens that one of my customers want to make a booking of say 3,5 hours. He would then have to make 4 consecutive bookings of one hour.. AND pay for half an hour that he didnt need. This could create frustration.

If you implement this it would make sense if you make the system count in minute or in hours with a diget, so that if a user has half an hour left, he can still make a booking of 30 minutes.

Regardless of the extent to which this idea might be implemented, it will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks for all your work.