#244 Default duration


[Extracted from the MRBS-general mailing list]

It would be nice if the default duration for particular rooms could be either set to 0 or a mode of operation established where when the calendar widget is used to pick a day in the future, the default duration was eliminated.

In addition to rooms, we're scheduling employee time off requests with a separate "room" for each employee. If they want to say they are leaving today and will be back say next Monday, then they end up with the end time configured as the default duration into the day.

I tried 0 for those rooms, but you have a test against 0 that forces it to 1 hr in that case. I tried 1 day to try to make it by default reserve an entire day assuming it would push it to the start of day the next morning if you started at the first hour on the day you were going to be off, but that seems to reserve 12 hours (the amount of time we have in the schedule) and automatically sets the all day flag which requires even more fixing to get it to match what the user wants.

If you just had the date widget start by default at the start of that day or had an option to do so, it would be very nice. I can't imagine that anybody is using a default expectation that if they reserve multiple days they get the default duration in addition.



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