#225 Movable (draggable) event


I have been evaluating MRBS for a school project. I noticed that the event can be draggable to resize (eg. changed from 1 hour to 1.5 hour). However, in our case, the booking is usually fixed (at 1 hour interval) but they are a lot of changes. If the event can be movable (draggable) to a different time frame will be great. Can we drag an event from 2~3pm to an available slot at 3~4pm? (can be across different room).


  • Campbell Morrison

    No, you can't do it at the moment (except by resizing one edge and then resizing the other edge). But it sounds a great feature request. I guess what you want is that when you hover over any part of the booking except the edge then the cursor turns into a move cursor and you can drag that booking somewhere else, keeping its size and shape.

    The only thing that needs a bit of thought is what to do about the links in the booking. At the moment when you click on the booking you go to the view_entry page and you can see the details of the booking. I suppose you could have some model along the lines of if you click without dragging (or dragging more than a few pixels to avoid problems when you're a bit shaky) then you want to follow the link, otherwise you want to move the booking.

    I'm sure this user interface problem must have been solved a thousand times before in other applications, but if anybody's got any ideas or can point to examples that would be helpful.


  • Anthony Tsaukpaetra

    While we're on that track, it would be cool to be able to drag the event horizontally to another room as well, thereby having both vertical and horizontal movement.
    I'm not entirely sure how the current implementation handles the time-change functionality, but it should theoretically be possible...



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