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(Feature request copied from an original post by Anders Henhammar on the MRBS mailing list in order that we don't lose it)

Hi folks,
I need to keep apart bookings made in a large local divided with folding walls.

Each part is big enough for a small conference, or a big meeting room, depending on furnishing.

What I want is to make an alias for different combinations and check if those parts (rooms) are available or not.

Each part is named by a letter from A to C, so if I book a meeting I only need one . When I book a classroom I need two and finally a lecture hall takes up all.

I guess it's possible to link rooms, but aliases sounds a lot easier.

Any ideas?


  • Campbell Morrison

    This is quite a common problem and the solution at the moment is just to have three separate rooms and call them 1a, 1b and 1c. If you want just part of the room book 1a or whatever and if you want the whole room book all three.

    However your idea of aliases is a great one. I can see how they would help when making a booking and having them appear in the select options. My initial reaction was that you wouldn’t show aliases in the day week and month views, but thinking about it a bit more I can see that maybe there would be advantages in doing so. Certainly having the aliases available in the select options would be a relatively simple first phase implementation (though is not trivial as it potentially affects search, report, room admin etc.) and then later maybe adding them to the day, week and month views as a second phase.


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    Anonymous - 2013-05-17

    Do you think that the attached sketch can inspire someone to come up with a simple solution? I think MRBS works well, but architects always creates new "brilliant" layouts that give all programmers headaches (and bookers), so it might be good to test if it is possible to implement this in the future.

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    Anonymous - 2014-12-15

    I'm working on a solution to this issue... basically my plan is to create a third room called "Both Sides" and modify mrbsCheckFree to look at room 3 when 1 or 2 is reserved, and 1 & 2 when 3 is reserved to decide if the room is available or not. I'm not particularly happy with this as it wouldn't be extremely extensible (if say one of our other rooms became splittable for example).



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