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I understand that a booking system requires precise assignments of the rooms and that conflicts should be avoided.
However, we experience from time to time the need of overbooking some rooms maybe to the same responsible for different activity groups.
The responsible will determine if holding one booking and dsimiss the other or join the groups together in the same room.
As far as I have understood there is no possibility at present to overbook a rrom and a warning message stops the booking action.
Would it be possible to set a general value like $overbooking=TRUE and, after the warning of collision, allow the overbooking?
Of course $overbooking=FALSE would proceed in the standard way i.e. avoiding conlicts.
The default value would be $overbooking=FALSE.
Does it make sense?


  • Campbell Morrison

    Interesting. This probably needs a bit of thinking about as MRBS is built around the whole concept that only one person can have a room booked at a time, as you say. If it were to change there would be quite a lot of things to consider, not least the best way to display multiple bookings (it can cope at the moment with multiple bookings, but this was really designed for exceptional cases which will happen rarely, such as when the resolution is increased.

    I wonder if a concept of being on the waiting list for a room would be useful and would meet your needs? (Though this too is probably quite a large change).


  • Jerry

    Jerry - 2011-11-11

    Wow! I think that the concept of the waiting list goes even ahead my idea of the overbooking.
    I mean, the overbooking I imagine is quite simple: I'm the teacher and I assign the same room to two or three subsequent courses with partially overlapping times (imagine two courses overlapping 15 minutes in the same room for joint activities). All the courses have the same priority.
    Another idea is that I book a room for two different activities with partial or total overlapping times.
    The activities will be both carried out because they are compatible.
    Of course it should be possible only to overbook the own bookings and not the booking of the others :) ! (or maybe yes? :) - can you think about an activity that you can mark as "overbookable" so that you let the others to overbook your booking?).

    A waiting list implies instead a queue with priorities: the first, the second in the waiting list... I imagine that brings a lot more of work to do!

    Well, hopefully I did not create too much confusion...




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