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Our users get confused with the All day Tick box, and the ability to select 1 day in the drop down, as such, I have disabled the Tick box, you may like to make this a config option in the config.

Aditionally, I added a line seperator in the page,

to seperate the repeate section from the main booking, so a line is draw under the type Box.
This may also be a usefull adition into config, called seperate _repeat.
The only reason I ask these is every time I update, I need to remember what I changed. lol


  • Campbell Morrison

    On your two points:

    (1) I agree there's some scope for confusion, but I'd be reluctant to add yet another config option if it can be avoided and I'd rather find a way of making it less confusing. I think both bookings (for a duration of 1 day from the start time and for all of the current day) are going to be useful for most users and therefore disabling one of them isn't goingto be an option for them (even though it may be for your site). As it is at the moment there is some clue that All Day is different to 1 day because when you check All Day, JavaScript on the page changes the start time to the beginning of the booking day and the duration to 1 day, greying them both out. However I agree there is still scope for confusion and would welcome ideas on how the layout and text could be improved. Maybe the answer is to add an end date and time (something that a number of users have been asking for anyway) and allow users to define a booking by setting any 2 of Start/End/Duration with JavaScript adjusting the third. It would then be clearer that a duration of 1 Day is not the same as All Day (unless the Start time is the beginning of the day.

    (2) Again I'm reluctant to add config options if not absolutely necessary. I agree however that it would be nice to separate the repeat booking options visually on the page. I think that rather than adding a

    it would be neater and more versatile to enclose the repeat fields in a <fieldset> and giving it a <legend>. This would allow a horizontal line to be added above the repeat options by setting a top border and it would also allow many other styling options. If sites didn't want the default styling then they could change the CSS.

    I'll have a look at implementing both these changes (probably the second first).


  • Campbell Morrison

    I've added the horizontal line above the repeat section in SVN Rev 1356.




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